Why the website? Well, we’ve all been there, on the phone with a call centre for the umpteenth time, explaining the same issue, with yet another person, who you know is not going to make a jot of difference. But you keep your calm because getting cross isn’t going to help the situation. But then they say something that just pushes the right button and you lose it. All of that pent up frustration and anger over the weeks of endless phone calls, and no progress, comes flooding out. Or is it just me?

I’d been in the middle of one of those situations, on the phone with yet another call centre person, trying to resolve an ongoing issue that I was having with my Orange Mobile account, and he well and truely pressed my button. After I’d calmed down I realised the guy was as useless as the previous eight people I’d dealt with, except this one had “rude and patronising” on his CV. At that point I decided that phone calls alone wouldn’t resolve this, they’d just get me even more frustrated. So, I decided to play a little game with Orange. I’d create a website, post details of all my conversations with them to date about this one problem, and see how long it goes on for.

Everyone seems to have a story to tell about their problems with call centres. Why does it have to be like this? Surely companies should be able to get it right by now. It’s not as if call centres are a new thing.

Word of warning – this website is a rant, with a fair bit of rambling…

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  1. Keith Edwards says:

    I recently switched from Orange to Virgin.
    Once my Orange contract expired I stated I wanted a monthly rolling contract that I could terminate with 30 days notice, they were OK with that until I signed up for a contract with Virgin!!
    They wanted a termination fee for leaving a 12 month rolling SIM only contract. When I argued at the top level (at least 4 up from the muppets) and said read the conversations you record for training purposes they decided to agree with me.
    The porting went OK for 2 weeks until they took the last payment and since that day I can’t receive calls due to a routing issue with Orange – Is this a maliscous attack in revenge?
    12 days without being able to receive calls is taking it too far – Have I got a case for the Ombudsmen because I am raising this further!

  2. Charles says:

    (ON ORANGE) I had to order a new sim card as I bought a new phone. I tried to order one 5 times on the reordering form on the website with no luck, so I went into the local ee shop and asked, I’ve done this before since it became ee with no trouble. The man in the shop said that they don’t make orange sims anymore and I would have to switch to ee, but that wouldn’t matter because they are ‘better value’. I said OK stupidly and he moved my account accross, he explained the PAYG ‘packs’ in such a way “It just does i by when you top up”, any orange customer would think it works the same as the animal plans they’ve had for ages. It took 3 weeks for it to switch over- still not done fully as the number is wrong- rather than the 3 days i was told. And it becomes more expensive as I pay for the things I used to get free with the top up. The problem is no other network is as good as orange used to be (PAYG), you can’t switch back. Why couldn’t ee be more like the good things from orange and t-mobile not the crappy.

  3. Maltesers says:

    Many angry customers in deed. Me , although I still have a mobile SIM in a secondary handset, nearly all my comms are already made Via Facebook / Mumble / TS free servers. That came to happen when I realized that no telecoms company care about the customers who pay them, and in the end they backstab us by selling / passing our details to others, all of this while the government does the blind eye. On top of that anybody with a 200 euros hardware WILL live intercept your “private” calls.
    Take care ppl

  4. Simon says:

    And so it begins…. the first letter from the Debt Collection agency arrived this morning. Orange you suck big time.

    • Simon says:

      Well the first debt collection lot sent it back to Orange as soon as I challenged it.

      However, Orange just gave it to another agency who were a bit more persistent! It took 3 letters to them – all recorded so I could quote when they got them back to them – before they finally told me they have sent it back to Orange too.

      As for Orange… I still haven’t had any formal response to the early letter I sent them or another one I sent while dealing with debt collectors!

      So… I sit and wait for the next installment – but the debt has now gone up to about £70.

      Still, the Tesco Mobile is a cheap and simple package, but I don’t use it for much other than phoning and texts.

      No doubt I haven’t seen the end of Orange – but would they even get back to me to tell me that? I doubt it.

  5. Simon says:

    I have just had a conversation with Orange collections who have sent me a second letter chasing me for £40 due for a contract that by their own acknowledgement i rang to cancel on the 8/12/14.

    After the first letter I wrote to tell them that I would consider further correspondence as harassment, but thought I’d give them a final chance through a quick call.

    They are trying to tell me that because I “accepted” a PAYG SIM, and would use the same number, the contract still existed until the PAYG was activated. This is a good con. Add a term to cancelling a contract when they know you are leaving them!

    Although I did receive a SIM, probably 5 weeks after I’d called in December, I ended up calling them to try to get it activated. They did say it was active, but I’ve never had that phone working. Either way, the PAYG is a new arrangement.

    So, are they going to look at it?

    From the tone of the call – ok, with me threatening I would sue them for harassment – they are going to continue to pursue me and suggested I take legal advice.

    This must be one of the worst organisations I have ever dealt with!

    Since when is “I want to cancel” not “notice of cancellation”. All debts were paid and I have had no further dealings or correspondence with then until the demanding letter completely out of the blue.

    They clearly think they are too big for anyone to want to challenge them.

    How many people do you need for a “class action”? I bet I’m not alone in being chased for a debt that I don’t owe!

  6. Kathy Rose says:

    I was surprised to hear these many unsatisfactory comments about the orange as i am using it for the past 8 years and i did not have any such problem.

  7. Ian Newrick says:

    The opening paragraph says it all. I am not vindictive but have been treated so abysmally that I have set aside some time to do as much damage to the Orange/EE brand as possible.

    Happy to start by uploading a copy of my complaint letter (to EE – already copied to Ofcom) if anyone is interested or if it will do any good !!

  8. Karen says:

    Just spent a very frustrating hour or so trying to set up a debit card to top up my new pay as you go phone. Not the first time I have had problems with Orange. After being cut off several times whilst trying to text it through, I phoned Orange customer service and after finally getting through was charged for the privilege! The woman kept asking me for a security number and couldn’t seem to understand that I did not have one and have topped up with tokens bought from the local shop in the past and that my SIM card had been transferred from my old phone. Verging on rude and talking over me when I was speaking she said, “As I have told you ten times!” Dreadful accent and poor line – almost impossible to understand. Oh for UK based call centres with people who can understand and speak plain English.

  9. Becky S says:

    I cancelled my orange contract due to terrible customer service. I was promised a refund for a returned handset and despite orange signing for the recorded delivery, they lost my phone and said they never received it. Wanting rid I received my final bill and waited in a queue for 45 mins and settled my bill over the phone. They took my money but my account is still showing as outstanding! I just spend another 35 mins on the phone only to be told they have no record of me so there is nothing they can do, yet the rep did advise me their customer service is great and its my fault they cannot locate me as I am no longer a customer. When I asked to speak to a manager I was placed on hold for a further 5 mins and then hung up on. This outstanding is showing on my credit report. I don’t think i’ve ever been so angry in my life.

  10. Victor says:

    Orange has turned to Black

    Yes, I mean it. It is the worst network ever and most impossible to deal with because they are just simpy ………….. whatever

    Please please please leave orange, horribe nework. I have been cheated and decieved continously by orange in the last 1 year after being with them for 12 Years.

    I am leaving them now,

  11. Rico says:

    I have been with Orange over 10 years (still I am with mobile phone) and when leaving the broadband service due to the poor speed offered at my new address, they send a debt collector to gather just over £10 that “THEY” miscalculated on my final bill. I gave them KINDLY 3 months notice, I was advised of my final payment and date, I had cancelled my DD and after 2 months I have received a black mark on my credit score and a debt collector agency looking for just over £10. Ridiculous!!! No bill previously send or notification of due payment! I will move my mobile phone contract, business mobiles away from them. DISGUSTING!!!

  12. jon march says:

    20 years with ORANGE I was very very happy, would recommend them to anyone and laughed when others told of poor customer service. EE takeover of Orange however and I am now not so.
    I will be leaving 3/4 through my contract as I am not getting what I am paying for.
    Lets see who the Judge agrees with, Orange or me.
    Pee’d off indeed.

  13. Jon says:

    Thank you for this website. Now why would a good company go and spend tens of millions building up it’s brand only to go and change everything about themselves in a rebrand? Probably because their reputation is so atrocious they have to pretend to be someone else. I have spent over an hour today just trying to get an unlock code for my handset which over 2 years I paid £600 for, plus I’ve already paid them for a PAC code to keep my number. There is no worse company in the UK (or India) than Orange. Absolutely horrific and I can only hope for a day when they go out of business.

  14. Peter Spencer says:

    We contacted Orange a few times over the last couple of weeks as our broadband was getting weaker and weaker. The first time we did talk to someone who we could just about understand and could just make out what we were saying, they said they would change the channel on the unit, we had to press the re-set button, leave it for 24 hours and ring them back. Leave it for 24 hours, its only a box of electronics under the stairs for phuques sake, why would we have to leave it for 24 hours. Mercedes can have 422 S Class cars off the production line in that time. Needless to say nothing improved. We rang them back after 24 hours and we were talking to a girl we could barely understand as she had a streaming cold and could barely talk, coughing all the time, she eventually ignored our questions and cut us off. Tomorrow we have a delivery from BT arriving with our new broadband system, lets hope we have better luck. I wouldn’t recommend Orange broadband to anyone.

  15. Bloodymeer says:

    Here is my story.

    It’s bit long, but bear with me, for there could be some helpful information for people out there.
    Back in January I was phoned by somebody on behalf of Orange (EE) to offer me an upgrade from pay-as-you-go to pay monthly, offering me what I then considered to be a fair deal for £8 a month. The chap promised that I will receive the contract along with my new SIM and that it won’t become valid until I activate the SIM.What an idiot I was to give them my details then. Suffices to say I have now made a promise to myself to never ever agree on anything over the phone.
    Months had passed and received no contract, nor SIM. I managed to forget about whole thing…until I noticed my account was debited for £8 in March and April. Obviously assuming fraud I called the bank and they verified that the money was debitted by Orange.
    I decided to call the Orange to explain that I have not received any SIM nor contract and yet I am paying for something. Oh boy, little did I know what sort emotional ride laid ahead. After a couple of hours of transfers and waiting on hold and having to spell my foreign name and explain the same thing to about 10 Indian guys they asked me for my account number and password which I clearly did not have since I had never received the bloody SIM on the first place. I decided to cancel the whole thing. Instead, they sent me a new SIM and again, no contract, nor any information. Another chain of calls (about 6-7 hours during my work time in total) and somebody (fininally in U.K) rudely tells me that it cannot be cancelled since the cooling off period is 2 weeks. I told him that I had never received any contract nor SIM so how can we talk about any cooling off period and he did send me the contract at least. Next day after consulting with lawyer I called them again referring to the Customer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 , referring to the Regulations 8,12,19.

    They breached the law in two instances:

    1. Even tough I agreed over the phone. They were obliged by law to send me a copy of contract and cooling off period begins with the day I actually receive a physical or electronic version of it.

    2. When they were unable to provide me the service (the SIM was never received nor activated), they were obliged by law to inform and reimburse me. Neither of that happened.

    When I pointed this out to them, they indeed verified that the number had not been in use for past couple of months and cancelled my contract and promised to reimburse me for £16 and send me the final bill.It never happened. I didn’t care anymore, I was happy to be rid of that scum.
    Yesterday, I received a bill from Orange for £36 (no invoice, nor description of any sort) threatening to disconnect my non-existing service and damage my credit rating. I have had just enough of this! This is an ordinary 21st century racketeering on a corporate scale! I called them today and they said it was a mistake and all is cancelled now. Can I trust them? I don’t think so…

  16. jordan says:

    Omg! I could not agree more. I have been having trouble since I joined Orange, which was the biggest mistake I have ever made. One night it will tell me I have 180 minutes, and then the next night it will say I have 0, when I know, full fell, I have not used all those minutes in 24Hours.. This has been happening alot and is really starting to annoy me, as they are also charging me extra because I have seemed to of gone over the 250 free minutes I have, but I know that I havent, as i am very concious, I would NEVER recommend orange to anyone:)

  17. Katie says:

    I am so frustrated!! Orange are the worst providers ever and i would recommend no one to it!

    Every single time i top up my phone says that i have 168 free minutes. 400 texts. and 1GB of internet, my phone wifi signal is crap and always dissconnects i dont know why but it does so i really need the internet to work. So when ive tried to ring someone or go on the internet it says ‘Sorry you dont have enough credit to make this call’ hang on a minute dont i have 168 free minutes? Ive rang up and complained about this 3 times now, surely they would of had it sorted. Looks like ill have to ring up again, when my credit runs out i am going to move to another provider that will actually give me what i pay for.

  18. Rush says:

    I ordered a phone Iphone 4S on Friday 1st August and was advised that I will receive my phone within the next 24 hours – between 9-1 pm. Well that was a lie, based on incompetence. I called the next day when it was patently clear that I wouldn’t receive the phone. I was informed that this was because ‘the delivery failed’ what the f***?!! It was then rescheduled to the next day, and hey guess, what? yesssss…that’s right, the phone wasn’t delivered. I called up the next day and was informed that I had got confused with the delivery date, that it was scheduled to be delivered on Monday 4th of August – 9-1 pm. And yes you’ve guessed it, my phone wasn’t delivered. I called to find out what the hell was going on. IT WAS 30 MINUTES BEFORE I MANAGED TO GET THROUGH, TO A USELESS AND HEAVILY ACCENTED INDIAN. Who obviously didn’t have clue. Poor me. Poor you. Poor everyone. She told me that it was still ‘pending’ doubtful if she actually knows what this word actually means. I lost my patience, and said, ‘ok, so ill be calling again tomorrow because my phone hasn’t arrived, well, thank you’. The bitch replied, ‘well that’s your prerogative’ I said ‘no, it’s not my prerogative, it’s your incompetence and lack of basic manners. She told me that it say’s on my account ‘delivery for Tuesday, 5th August’.

    Today is Tuesday, 5th August. Still no phone. Useless. Unprofessional. Incompetent Indians. Anyhow, I called five times today, chasing up on the status of the delivery. On my last phone call, I informed the incompetent Indian, that I wanted to cancel my order. He told me that he will need to transfer me for the cancellation. I replied, ‘are you sure? are you sure, because you don’t know how to transfer a call, you don’t know to process or cancel an order, you can’t speak English properly. YOU JUST DON’T KNOW ANYTHING’

    • Jane says:

      I have to say I worked for ee until recently and I have got to agree in most instances that things surely have to change. I have worked in other call centres who’s companies are so much more organised. I know myself and other employees get extremely frustrated as there’s so much ‘mess’ within communication especially with different call centre departments. We get told we cannot call sales to chase up an order, we cannot call upgrades to chase up an order, there is no number to call for the unlocking team, yet we get these calls on a daily basis with no information given to us. We really do feel for customers who do not get there queries resolved time and time again and just sit and think what on earth can we do to help but our hands are tied. For example we in customer services do not take any orders for new phones at all but we get the calls from customers finding out why on earth are we still waiting for our phones after 2/3 weeks when we were told 3/4 days. We would be told from managers and other departments to advise upto a month for delivery……. Sorry but I just don’t think this is good enough. I left this job because if these reasons. I was swore and screamed at on a daily basis from frustrated customers when all I wanted to do is resolve their issues and do my job efficiently. We were basically told if we don’t like it leave as so many people would take the job. It’s just not right, we had no power given to us to resolve much at all. I say train everybody in every role and give them the power to actually resolve the problem and turn what used to be a great company now a travesty round before it’s too late! By the way even when working for the company have had my fair share of problems with the company, unlocking codes, bills etc and it’s so hard to not get frustrated with the advisor so I have to remind myself the small people (like myself) aren’t to blame for the most part it’s the top guys that need to get their shit together and filter this all the way down the company.

  19. Andrew Clay says:

    Frankly orange/ee customer service is very poor! You hitting you’re head against a brick wall! Have had many issues/complaints! Customer service advisor are rude aggressive! Promised call back never happened! And matters would be resolved again never happens! Even had email addresses every time it comes back! Never gets there! Where to write to no One has ever told over phone they so called customer advisors and with a email address! Have phoned last week they told me they dont have an address to write/email what a load of c##p! They must think we a bunch of idiots! 0/10 for customer service!
    Andy from Torquay Devon

  20. shikira pressley says:

    I purchased an Orange PAYG Barcelona smart phone on 25 Dec 2014 – unaware of being on any Dolphin tarriff – I always thought that PAYG mobiles: you are not placed on tarriffs, and simply just top up?.

    I am now experiencing an unwarranted ‘restriction’ on my PAYG mobile, and cannot access some 4-digit security code, they are suppossed to provide upon initial purchase of one of their phones – regardless of whether it is PAYG or contract.

    The whole thing started when I topped up my PAYG mobile on 23/06/2014, via my reliable phone top-up-card that I have always used since I got the phone. However, the £10.00 credit I placed on
    the phone has not been credited to my phone. I went into T Mobile store twice to demand their customer service excellence right away, only to be asked for my account holder details – I must
    have registered my phone with Orange at some point, yet, and again, because it is just a PAYG
    phone; did not keep a mental log of signing-up details as a non-android mortal – even if Orange
    does of their customers.

    Now, I cannot call anyone – not even Orange – without phone credit. I have tried emailing every available Orange customer service team to no avail, to sort this nightmare of a PAYGO merry – go round out. They still have the £10 credit I placed on my phone as mentioned above; yet have no way of getting this back -wherever it has mysteriously vanished – and getting the rightful assistance
    of Orange, who cannot help me without this 4-digit security code: I cannot even obtain from my Orange user account, due to a technical fault when attempting to press the ‘4-digit-code’ application.

    Can someone please be of helpful assistance if you do work for Orange.

    • Sheogorath says:

      @ shikira pressley: I don’t work for Orange, but I can tell you that four digit security codes tend to be 0000 by default until changed by the owner of the device. Hope I helped!

  21. The villagers from Tourraine says:

    Orange F-ing sucks balls. We have been out of internet since May21st this year, our friends who speak French had been dealing with the customer service people on our behalf. They gave us a June 23 fix dead line (THAT’S A MONTH!) The landline, which had free long distance to the US as part of our contract, was crackling although usable. On June 10th two people from the “TIME CABLE” company to “fix” our telecom problem, they had examed the cable internet and landline telephone and confirmed that they would order a digger to dig up the ground, then replace the cable line.Meanwhile our landline “should be” in better shape. I WISH I HAD TESTED THE LANDLINE WHILE HE WAS THERE BECAUSE THE LANDLINE WENT COMPLETELY DEAD AFTER THEY LEFT!!!!!
    So, we have no landline and not internet, with my husband’s business in the US requiring constant communication, etc, we had to go to Mcdonalds for strong enough wifi to make a Skype call!!
    We were able to buy a wifi hot spot but it has only 12 G, while the French think it’s ALOT, it’s simply NOT!
    When I called to press the past deadline (first 23rd of June, then 24th, then 25th.. not even a shred of work can be seen). Now Orange claims their cable contractor is missing in action, telling Orange that they had completed the job while ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE TO FIX OUR PROBLEM! So I guess it’s our fault for being bothersome??
    I tried to file a complaint, and was transferred from Tech support to Customer service, who claims NO COMPLAINT CAN BE FILED, because he only deals with Rabate after the problem is fixed, and it’s the tech support who takes complaint. The tech support begged the differ then suggested that I write to Orange with my “issues”.

  22. Linda B says:

    OMFG what a night mare, after what works out at 6 mnths of no internt, poor conection or limited connection, 45 mins waiting to speak to customer services, months of poor speaking english employees, who told me to do the same checks on my system over and over, (some times this was 5-6 times a day) I had enough, when one of them raised his voce and got very abrupt. I left EE and informed them in sept 2013 I had taken a contract out withh sky, they confirmed that sky would deal with it all, (sky confirmed too) that I didnt need a PAC code as it was dont via sky system to EE. I got a letter confirming they were sad to see me leave EE. That was that.
    2 months later I was getting phone calls, letters asking for money I didnt owe, this went on for months, me ringing, them saying I dont know why your being billed i have closed your account, that should be sorted now. It never was, 8 months later im still being threatened, harassed to the point where i dont answer my landline. I get another letter again today (May 2014) asking for even more money for bills I dont owe, and saying they are going to cut me off. I ring them and speak to an English speaking guy who was rude, he told me I hadnt infored them i was leaving that in Dec there was a nite saying I owe money and I apparently would pay this bill, that i had mentioned i was going to sky but never confimred it, and do forth (i wont go on you get the gist) I was really pissed by this point, he would not aknowlege the prevous calls made, where the other customer services confirmed i was not with EE and that i didnt owe money, and they were supposed to have closed my account. I then went on to point out to him, that if that was the case, and they are saying I didnt inform them, then they have illegally allowed sky to access my account and take over the phone line/number and internet that I had with EE and it would be breech of confidentiallity as with out notification f leaving EE then they should not have allowed sky to take over that account, more so as the line and number belconged to EE, he couldnt answer me, in the end i spoke to CISAS who are kindly dealing with the matter. WHEN YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH EE or any phone/internet company they are the people to help!

  23. John Landy says:

    I think that ee do not conform to ethical codes as are expected in todays business enmvironment. It is un-ethical to talk me into a sim only plan at low cost as a “valued customer” but omit to tell me that it will incur charges for every voicemail that I access. This is like a car salesman doing me a good deal on a vehicle but deliberately not telling me that every time I use the boot I will be charged. The boot is an essential integral part of the car as is the voiemail service on a phone.

    Unbelieveable !!

  24. kathryn says:

    Orange customer service is absolutely atrocious. A joke.
    I can’t believe how lucky all you people are, speaking to an actual person. How did you manage that? Preferential treatment? All I get is repeated phone calls wading though reams of options listening to that annoying bloody woman’s voice, to then be told “I’m sorry you’re having problems with your phone. Goodbye” and then get cut off. I am totally at the end of my tether with this company.

  25. Louise says:

    Orange have managed to allow some random person to upgrade my phone, have it sent to their dodgy address, and leave me with the bill…. AGAIN! The first time happened in January 2013 and again this month. I keep getting text messages from orange informing me my password has been changed. Why do they do it? surely they must realise its dodgy when the account is flagged as a target of fraud AND they ask the phone to be sent to a different address. IDIOTS!!!!! Not only have I spent hours on the phone arguing with them about it, but it has affected my credit rating. Thanks Orange and EE, you c**ts.

  26. sharon herriot says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I have just WON a complaint against Orange!!!
    After getting an unwanted upgrade, then cancelling my DD to get evil Orange to listen to my complaint…they took me to court and sent baliffs after me. I contacted CAB who immediately contacted both Orange and the debt recovery service who they had sold my ‘debt’ to…this meant they all immediately stopped sending me threatening letters.
    My lovely CAB man then went through CICAS http://www.cisas.org.uk/ who applied for the recording of me, allegedly, agreeing to a dodgy upgrade and doubled bill. Orange had refused to send me this ‘proof’ without me paying for it….CICAS contacted them and demanded a copy….then Orange discovered that they did NOT have a recording of me agreeing after all. They have now PAID ME £291.84 compensation…this is actually the debt they reckoned I owed them!!!!
    So happy, I wanted to share this on your page to give your readers some hope.
    Good old CAB

  27. SHAUN HORSLEY says:

    So….. 24 minuites on hold, just to get the first top up put on to the phone. Tried first online (orange.co.uk/getmycredit), and the sim number was not recognised. Call 450. Can not connect your call as the call is charged at 25p per minuite. So how do we sort out top ups when you charge me and i have no credit! Stupid idea that one. Found their landline number, and call that. First call was that I hadn’t purchached a top up card with the phone, so I need to go back to the store and take it up with them. I checked my reciepts, there it is, one top up, clear as day. So second call. 8mins in and explaining the situation with the pay and go online service not working for me for the 3rd time to the 4th person already. I get told i’m being put on hold again. So enough, I asked can you just call me back when your done, becasuse this is charging me, when it should have been a quick and free fix. Told no, we only need 1 more min and it’ll be sorted. Someone else then answers! Whole story once again. Told he needs to talk to the accounts department, On hold again! Back on and told, the topup will be put on your account in 24 hours! So no good for me to use it today then! Now 22 hours later,. still no credit. Think I might just return it to the store, and swap it for a phone company who has a customer service i can understand, and who wont keep passing me around. What a fantastic start with this company. How do they have any customers at all!

  28. LG says:

    Business customer of Orange’s who just wanted to upgrade our mobile phones. We never received any handsets and are now stuck in call centre hell.

  29. Jade says:

    I have been waiting for my new phone to be delivered for two weeks now. After ordering it next day delivery. Every time I call orange I get different answers. When I asked to be put through to a manager he was about as useful as a fart in a spacesuit. I’m sick to death of waiting for this phone, starting to believe it might never come and I will be billed for my first month before I’ve even received it.

  30. Elaine says:

    Enraged Elaine!

    Like others I’ve been with orange for years. Had a problem recently when I found out that my contract (via car phone warehouse with orange) had an extra 3 months added to the 2 year contract! Apparently it’s because orange were doing a deal where they Allowed their customers the early upgrade, but I wasn’t told that the 3 months left on my old contract was going to be added to the new one!
    So called good old orange customer services and after explaining my problem orange told me they would leave a message with the relevant car phone ware house so that they could reset my contract to the two years and I needed to go into the car phone store.

    I did this and then car phone told me orange can’t letave them messages ( so why did orange say they can) I called orang while in store and spoke to them and explained it all again and about what the last orange advisor had told me. She went off the line for 10 mins came back and said its not up to orange it’s up to car phone to re set it. I needed to speak to the upgrade team and she said she would put me through so they could sort it out with car phone w. she came back within a minute or so and told me that THEY REFUSED TO TALK TO ME! at this point I lost it! So she put me through anonymously . When upgrade dept picked up I once again told the whole story, he had a word with Carphone and all seemed like it was resolved orange upgrades had told car phone it’s upro them to change it not orange. Orange also told me that I shouldn’t leave the store without it being change and to call back if I have any more problem …hmmmmm….

    Manager of car phone then came and told me that he still can’t do anything it’s orange that has to grrrrrrrrrr, at boiling point by now.

    Guess what! I had to call orange back, got through to a newly ( by the sounds of it ) at orange and explained it all again , he then said ok so you want an upgrade you will have to pay £120 …no no no that not what I want, I just want the contract reset to two years grrrr, he understood in the end and had a word with his team leader ? But they had a word with car phone AGAIN and in the end I’m still stuck with the overly long contract because orange couldn’t get their act together.

    Car phone did say they stopped doing this 3 month upgrade that orange offered because of all the confusion. How can orange tell you so many conflicting things ? They don’t know what their doing .

    I’m waiting till my contract ends and going with 02 next time even if I have to pay more
    As T mobile , orange and virgin( virgin uses t mobile ) are all under the terrible Ee nowadays .

    Rant over :/

  31. James Jones says:

    I was about to change from Orange, and needed the PAC code. Orange then persuaded me to stay with them. This is the only helpful person I have encountered in Orange.
    Since then, I have been overcharged, harassed, ignored, bullied and basically treated abysmally.
    I was told that Orange, as a company that makes it’s entire living from electronic communications, could only deal with complaints if submitted by Royal Mail (which they also ignored).
    These problems have been ongoing since c. March 2013, and it is nearly the end of 2013 without progress despite the involvement of the Telecoms Ombudsman (CISAS).
    Orange told CISAS that this matter was settled and “forwarded” an email they claim was sent but I never received – and in that time, they ignored communications which showed I was not aware (and hadn’t received) any emails. More recently, they have stated that I was sent a cheque which wasn’t received, which does not cover the costs.
    They have involved a lawyer, who so far has contributed nothing to resolving the case – and Orange still seem incapable of dealing with the fact I have been without a phone for most of the year, that I have been overcharged and bullied.
    This is unacceptable.

  32. Simon G says:

    Similar issues. Ordered an iPhone from Orange 12 days ago, and was told 2 days for it to arrive. 12 days on and I’ve still heard nothing – despite many phone calls to all the useless number given… Had a few Indian call centre calls, one of which at least gave me the account number. Tried the online chats twice but they are automatons with scripts and have no power to look up your account!!! Orange = Bag of shite = EE (no use either)

  33. mike says:

    Customer service? pfffft…..
    try and look at your bill online? no chance…
    chances of actually speaking to someone? no chance… (and if you do you cant understand or communicate because their reading from scripts)
    chances of finding out why your bill goes up like a rocket? no chance…
    the only thing of surity is…
    leave orange as soon as you can!

    • Dave says:

      I just wanted to do something simple, buy a cheap PAYG handset to give to my wife to take into hospital! little did I know that I was in for a week of torment, and it is not over yet, i have been an orange customer for many years, but it will soon be coming to an end , just trying to get them to do ANYTHING is like wading through treacle, and why do they employ those people in India, they might as well be machines, they are just reading the scripted drivel saying that they “do understand how you feel” and “they do sympathize” NO YOU DONT! cos if you did, you would do something about it instead of reading the same old spiel everytime you ring in. i reckon I have aged 10 years this week, and all over a £5 phone. Never again!!!!

    • Dave Small says:

      so they chose the word/colour Orange as was perceived as “customer friendly”
      Oh dear, but unfortunate as they are far from customer friendly

      tried to turn voicemail off on an Orange number for an elderly friend.
      Simple enough so I thought. On Vodafone and O2 it can be simply done from the handset, so can’t be that difficult on Orange can it ? Wrong, it is diffucult. Orange make it difficult. Orange make most things difficult.

      I phoned Orange on behalf of friend, Orange want to know inside out of everything. Long story short is that elderly friend cant remember the 4 digit password when the phone was set up many years ago.

      So outcome is Orange need the password before allowing such a change on the account. Change of account ? Its only wanting voicemail turned off FFS.

      Orange would rather have an unhappy frustrated customer than sort out a simple problem. Compete stawt is what they are.

  34. Fork Or Range says:

    I cannot believe how dishonourable Orange are these days.

    I was an Orange customer since year dot.

    I took out a 24 month plan with iPhone and iPad in 2011 costing £65 per month.
    The tariff rate was increased within months and later increased again.

    I contact Orange in April 2013 to change my tariff after 24 months and decide to switch to rolling tariff while I wait for the next iPhone release.

    In May, no change – contact Orange, they have no record of my contact with them. But I have a letter confirming disconnection in May this seems to be irrelevant to them.

    Many calls follow, but the gist of what Orange tell me is that I CANNOT break out of my contract because it it a Talkshare tariff and that only way to end it is to get a PAC code and LEAVE ORANGE. Using the PAC code is ten considered as my notice to leave.

    Meanwhile they continue to take £68+ out of my account on each billing cycle.
    They also tell me that I will have to pay a further month to cover notice of ending the tariff. But I am billed in advance, I say??

    I get my PAC code and look for a better deal – Virgin VIP £15 per month – unlimited calls texts and data. Great.

    When my number switches, Orange keep my account active and still charge me.
    After more tedious and fruitless contact with Orange they close the iPhone part of my account but have kept the ‘iPad’ part charging £13 per month. (But they told me before that the two could not be separated – that was why they wouldn’t let me change tariff!).

    The iPad service has been dead since I left with the PAC code, but they continue to charge….

    It is now November and for the last six months, orange have been taking a regular unauthorised payment of £13 from my account monthly.

    I have contacted them several times, and they never followup what they promise.
    At present, they are saying they will now reimburse me £78 after 25th November.

    I cannot see any bills or accounts for this as I no longer have an online account and they never send me any paperwork – even after promising that they will…

    I really want to let as many people know about my experience. So far, Orange have grappled hundreds of pounds more that I had originally agreed to. I would call them criminals.
    Their ethos seems to be to hold onto revenue whilst sacrificing their customer satisfaction and legal ethics.

    I will never sign monthly tariff again.

    Very glad to find this website. Let’s bring em down!!!!!

  35. Glenn Brook says:

    My contract: £10p/m rolling contract (opt-out anytime) with a good number of minutes and messages and I don’t use the internet and my phone data settings make sure that it stays that way.

    I had been receiving my bills, once it was at £19, a month later £59, a few £70’s and one at £90+.. for a £10p/m contract with no drastic change in the regularity of my phone usage. I cancelled it with an obligatory 1months notice. So I had to pay for the month I was in plus the month following to see out the contract. I usually pay by card over the phone.

    I was heading away for a few months and tried to pay the first months bill over the phone before I left but it was too early. A week later I tried again online but the bill payment part of the Orange/EE website was down and was notified by the on-screen messages to ‘try again in a little while’. I did so again 3 or 4 days on. Still the exact same page telling me to try again later. I didn’t want to call Orange from a foreign country to pay for fears of running up another £90+ bill.

    I then went to sea where I wouldn’t be able to do anything, annoyed that I wasn’t able to get it sorted. I tried again 20days later when I hit land. I had no service and went immediately to a wi-fi hotspot to try and pay my bill. ‘Sorry, we’re having some technical issues – please try again’ said the website. I attempted again before I went back to sea 10 days later but still nothing online.

    10days after that, I was back in the UK. I went into an EE/Orange store and said I had a bill to pay and that if there were any late charges that I would not be willing to pay them because I felt that it was a failure by EE/Orange to allow me to do so. The girl asked for my number to check the system and to my surprise, she said ‘there are no charges relating to your number. So as far as we’re concerned, you owe us nothing and you’re phone has no service because the contract is terminated’.

    Result. I was still confused, but then again, my experiences with Orange up to this point had never really made complete sense. Figures always seemed to be magicked out of thin air. Maybe this time it had gone my way as all of the bills beforehand hadn’t.

    I made it back to my home town and within a few days a letter arrives notifying me that I apparently owe EE/Orange £188.81. Shocked, I head down to the local EE/Orange store. Nice lad behind the counter is just as confused as I am with the whole thing and I half thought that he might be able to sort me out.. until he comes out with that phrase. The one all Orange customers hate to hear, ‘I can’t actually deal with that in-store. What I can do is put you through to Customer Service, though’.
    I sigh. He passes me the handset and I am told in the thickest of Indian accents that I do in fact owe, according to EE/Orange, £188.81. I ask if there are any late charges for the bill to be so high. ‘No, that is phonecalls and messages only’. I accepted the offer for her to send out an itemised bill which would take ‘7 to 10 days’. Within 4days I receive another letter from EE/Orange notifying me that my charges will be forwarded to a debt collection agency if I do not pay within 7days, even though the bill is still disputed.

    I’m still waiting on the itemised bill.

    Good luck to everyone on here!

  36. Angry Mikey Bored Mikey says:

    Got my new Galaxy Note 3 the other day and love it, but not the crappy service as per. I was never told by Orange that I would be upgrading to EE so this morning I got a text from Orange saying my account needs paying for last month, rang 150 as I have done for the past 4+ years, paid my bill then realised I’d paid EE and not Orange Duhhhhh silly me, although millions of us think they are the same company EE said they couldn’t transfer the payment over to Orange, I should go to the bank and cancel the payment Duhhhhh silly me, got through to the Indian CC (HELP) and guess what, after 20 minutes waiting she hung up on me, why, because they can’t handle the pressure, doesn’t understand the Queens English, 50p an hour wage and just damn well stupid. In the end after being on the phone for nearly an hour for a 5 minute answer I got through to our lovely Orange?/EE? call centre in the North East of the UK and she told me to forget about the Orange account as you don’t owe that munch, couple of quid and wait for the new EE?? bill to arrive. So what have we learnt from my script people, ermmmm nothing, who is running Orange/T-Mobile/EE, some guy in India for a joke. I could go on all day with this post so this is my first chapter 1…Orange or EE

  37. djp says:

    Thank god im not the only one. So frustrated and I really don’ t have the time to argue with this useless company and yet im determined they WILL NOT get away with this disgraceful service.

    I thought id cancelled my contract with them until I got a letter demanding £60. I rang the collections team who didnt have a clue how to advise or support me with this and so I ended up agreeing to pay it. Job done…or so you’d think!!!!

    Earlier this month I received yet another letter demanding that I pay £53 to disconnect my service. How dare they? Ive tried speaking yet again to the collections team and, surprise surprise, they have no record of demanding money from us earlier in the year, nor do they have a record of us paying the £60 previously. Im soooo cross. So I have now decided to put everything in writing with photocopies of bank evidence proving we have already paid this. Lets hope it does the trick because, if not, I will get some legal advice – companies like this cannot and should not get away with treating customers like this – its disgusting.

  38. Mike A F says:

    Update on my anger, just called Orange or is it EE or is it T-Mobile??? blew my top which everyone on here should do on here, their crediting my account £15.00 and if not I will get my new Galaxy Note 3 unlocked and find another phone company and sod the credit file I’ll get for that, have a good day people.

  39. Mike A F says:

    Excuse the typos and capitals

  40. Mike A F says:







  41. Very unhappy says:

    This company’s dreadful customer service needs to be exposed and highlighted.

    Have phoned Orange/EE so many times now for the same issue that never seems to get resolved. It’s so frustrating trying to communicate with their overseas call centres where all the staff seem to be reading off a script/cutting you off and that’s if you can actually get through to them – oftentimes they have a recorded message on their IVR advising the call centre is very busy and to phone again tomorrow, then you’re cut off… without even the option of holding!

    The biggest insult is the message you have to listen to over and over when they are willing to take your call: ‘Orange is committed to providing excellent customer service’…

    I remember years ago phoning Orange with queries/technical faults, always getting through to someone fluent in English who would resolve the query there and then or at least try to, but clearly Orange/EE don’t care anymore… They may be ‘the fastest and biggest network in the UK’ but who gives a toss about that when you can’t even speak to someone WILLING to help you.

    They simply do not care, and for anyone who has ever dealt with, or attempted to, I truly feel your pain and hope you get through to someone who actually wants to help.

  42. Layla Clare says:

    Acute Orange/EE related FURY this afternoon… having received a text letting me know my bill is ready to view, I’ve checked on line to find that my usual £30 bill is £60! I’ve had a short trip to Italy recently where I can confirm without a shadow of a doubt that my data roaming was OFF PERMANENTLY!! Aside from this, my entire handset was off most of the time as I didn’t take my charger and wanted to save pathetic iPhone battery for a handful of calls and text’s home. So firstly Orange have charged me for £17 worth of data roaming… unless by some magical means my phone was connecting to the internet by itself this is entirely incorrect; since its EE takeover I’m lucky to have signal, let alone independent data roaming!! Further to this, after counting, I sent 13 text messages whilst away – Orange/EE have charged me for 68! Their reasoning: messages getting stuck on the server and being sent repeatedly – again, happening while my data roaming was off (???)…I can see a trend developing here…So I eventually call their call center – which is clearly in Bangladesh… the line is so poor I can’t even hear the utter rubbish this woman is attempting to ply me with. I am a business user, you do not need to explain to me how to check the settings on my phone, spare me. In summary: I wish I’d NEVER left O2!

  43. Ben says:

    Orange are a complete bunch of charlatans and shysters.

    Imposed an arbitrary charge on my account – when I called to complain, they said it was in the terms and conditions. When I asked where the terms and conditions were set out, the person handling the call didn’t know!

    Then they claimed they’d sent me a text informing of the introduction of the said charges in August this year. I don’t delete any of my texts – I went through the archive to check – they had sent me no such text.

    A few months back, they went through a phase of wrongly informing me by automated message that my bill was over £1,000 when, in reality it was around £30-£40.

    Absolute joke of an operation staffed by simpletons/crooks…

  44. nianita says:

    Ive been a loyal customer to Orange for many years, Im really shocked to have recieved a 200 hundred pounds bill for going over my minutes by 6mins this has seriously pissed me off, i threatened to end my contact and all they did was change my contract. they always have excuses to over charge me ranging from high usage of internet to using 084 numbers and any excuse that they can drain my bank anyway this is the last straw im going to end the contract any ideas please my friends?

  45. Salv says:


    Il keep this as simple as possible..

    I contacted orange technical dept. regarding poor signal and they didnt have a solution to the problem. They agreed to refund me £20 off my next bill but i told them i would be going to 02 in a weeks time. The gentleman said thats ok and that i should ring back to claim my refund.I did but unfortunatly it was after id been disconected from orange so i had to ring from the landline. I asked them to call me back and they never did.I got through to 4 different people trying to sort out my refund totalling up to an hour on the phone (which i was paying for and i stressed this to them).Every time i kept getting cut off. I was told my manager would ring me and shock…they didnt.

    I rang them up again this evening and again…4 more different people to try and sort out my refund finaly its sorted(i think, il have to wait 3-5 days if i get my refund).However i was still unhappy that its aprox cost me between £10-20 in phone calls so it was pointless.Again.. got disconected.I Finally got through to another member of the team who came clean and told me “your getting cut off on pupose because they have no resolution and are trying to avoid it instead of being honest.”This completley shocked me THAT ORANGE CUT U OFF THE PHONE ON PURPOSE!” Absolute disgusting.I have been very calm with every individual who i a) couldnt understand due to accents and b) phone line being bad.NEVER AGAIN ORANGE! Aweful Signal,Aweful customer service.

  46. Communication Points: says:

    Some Valid Emails Address for your complaints with Orange/EE

    “olaf.swantee@orange.co.uk” ; Chief Executive
    “pippa.dunn@orange.co.uk” ; VP
    “francoise.clemes@orange.co.uk” ; Chief of Customer Service
    “timotheus.hoettges@orange.co.uk” ; Chairman
    “executive.office@ee.co.uk” ;

    • Ian Wood says:

      I had a similar experience to a number of others – had a contract with an iPad SIM, cancelled contract, then 6 months later Orange introduce a standing charge for the iPad SIM and start to send me bills – I spoke to customer support three times and had the charge cancelled, but a month later another bill for a larger amount arrives.

      I mailed Francoise Clemes at her EE email address. She was less than useless too, no response, followed by a final demand from a debt agency. Going to the Chief Exec and VP now.

  47. Rob says:

    Needed to use my phone abroad as going on holiday at short notice. Established my phone isn’t enabled for use abroad which sucks. Anyway Orange say give them 24 hours notice. I have phoned 150 several times over the last 48 hours to enable it for use abroad. After working through the various menus I get a message about how they strive for customer service excellence followed by the usual receiving “very high call volumes”. The automated message says sorry then closes your call. If they don’t enable my phone in the next 24 hours I can’t it abroad. What kind of service is that!
    You can’t enable it yourself and Orange won’t answer the phone to do it for you.

  48. sharon herriot says:

    Orange have passed my ‘debt’ over to the bailiffs…..brilliant!
    They upgraded me when I never asked for it, using a dodgy company who pretended to be Orange, then denied they knew the company, then refused to answer my calls/letters, almost doubled my monthly bills and just shut down when I tried to complain about it. Did you know they don’t have a complaints dept….a genius way to reduce the number of complaints you get!!!
    Thought cancelling my DD would get their attention and it seems it has. I feel I have been treated so poorly and aggressively and as I stopped using my phone months before I left, I made the decision not to pay the 2mths bills I ‘owed’ as technically still under contract…we are talking £10/mth….so I owe about £20.
    This communications company is a joke as the accounts dept can’t communicate with billing who have continued to send monthly bills (everyone utterly different and going up and down randomly every bill) and now claim I never left (they have no record of me cancelling….luckily I kept the letter they sent me…..seems my record keeping is better that a multinational company). They have lied about so many things…like ‘we have tried to call you several times”…..wow really you must have special Orange phones that don’t register as a missed call….amazing!
    The bailiff letter’s for £290+
    After moaning about this on facebook found out they bailiffed a friend of mine for £40….so they are def out to get me.
    I am still fighting them and so very happy to find this site and a few friends to share the misery with.
    Here’s to an Orange-free future x

    • diabolical says:

      Similar problem. Mystery call from Orange a few months ago promising an upgrade on my monthly plan to make it ‘unlimited everything’. Of course, as the guy I spoke to knew I was with Orange, knew my name, my current plan and its cost, I believed it all. There’s no way, in my opinion, it could have been anyone apart from a representative of Orange/EE or someone with access to my personal details held by Orange.

      Thinking I had unlimited calls, my bill then rocketed to £109 last month! Now trying to get a refund but will keep chasing them until it arrives in my account because I don’t believe a word they tell me anymore.

      This is not the first problem I’ve had with Orange this year… I was mis-sold the contract in the first place. Told I could have a certain handset for free, but then was told suddenly it would cost an extra £4 a month. Have been charged for voicemail minutes when I thought they were still included in my free minutes allowance.

      I’ve been patronised, asked unnecessary questions, hung-up on (for no reason), and generally treated like an idiot.

      Having been an Orange customer for over 14 years, and with generally very few problems until the past year, I can’t quite believe how far downhill it’s gone since being part of EE! Diabolical.

      • diabolical says:

        Also, why do we never get anything in writing? Nothing I’ve had through the post or via email from Orange is remotely useful.

        I speak to endless call centre operators, who make endless promises to ‘make a note on your account’, to ‘call back in half an hour once I’ve spoken to my supervisor’, and ‘yes, this has been actioned and it will come into effect next month’. In reality, very little of this actually happens, leaving a ‘my word against theirs’ situation when things go wrong… which is ALL the time.

        They really should be forced to confirm everything that’s agreed in writing. In the meantime, I’m going to make a note of each conversation I have with them, the date and time of the call, and the name of the person I’ve spoken to.

  49. An absolute Joke says:

    Requested an unlock for my Iphone 5 (bought from carphone warehouse) 16 days ago, still no progress, I paid for the phone with hard earned money, i gave them no right to lock it to their shitty network, fucking useless, even when it costs just over £20, been absolutely shafted and hope the company burns.

    • kibbi says:

      I requested an unlock at the end of July. Orange say they have no record of it, even though I have a confirmation email from EE! Called them on the 2nd of this month and was told that it might be better if I re-requested an unlock which I did during that converstation, 14 days later, still nothing.

      All in all i’ve been waiting over one and a half months. Havnt as yet received any reply, appart from the intial request which stated 20 days but its approaching 2 months now!

      Will have to complain to OFCOM. Not sure if they can do anything but I think its important to register it with them. Perhaps pressurise them at least.

      Appalling service from Orange/EE. Never experienced amything like it from any other company, ever!
      Never again!

  50. kibbi says:

    Much the same as the many posts on here, I too have nothing good to say about orange/EE.

    I was on their pay monthly plan up-until a few months ago but decided to call it a day after experiencing appalling customer service for the last time. I lost my mobile phone and urgently needed some contact numbers, so I tried to log-in to my online account to retrieve my itemised billing. Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to me, to date, my onlice account wasnt working. I called orange CS to try and resolve the problem and thought I was getting somewhere after the ‘manager’ of the department I was referred to, due to the first 2 people i spoke not being able to dentify or even understand my call, told me he had sorted it.

    I thought great, that was a quick 5 minutes in which my problem was enventually sorted, right? Wrong!

    The ‘manager’ for some absurd reason had just created me a brand new online account on the number that i was calling from, my friends! even though he confirmed that my mobile and account number were registered for an online account. So I struggled through the conversation and he finally said that he would delete my existing account, the one I originally called about, and I’d be able to set up a new online account after around 1-2 hours. It’s so far been 2weeks. When I try to create an account with my mobile number it constantly states that there is an existing account for that number.

    Coming back to why I needed to call them in the first place, I needed some numbers from itemised billing and because of the way the conversation was going with CS, I just knew I’d better have a back up incase (inevitably) they messed up, I’d have something to fall back on, so I ordered copies of my itemised billing in hard copy to be sent by post. They were quite happy to charge me the postage cost, which I understand, but when they state it’l be with me in 3-5 days and it doesn’t turn up even after 2 weeks, I consider this to be a lie.

    Furthermore? i submitted an unlock request phone for sn old hanset I had and was told that it would take 20 days. A month later I’m still waiting and several of my email update requests have simply been ignored. After phoning CS, i was told they had no record pf my unlock request even though i have the ‘unlock’ application request confirmation from them.

    The incompetance and neglect is quite breathtaking and I cannot believe that an organisation of this size, of any size, can be so disastorous in their operations. It truely is staggering.

    So, in short, the worst dealings I’ve ever had with anyone on any level, including professional or social, is with orange EE.

    Am looking forward to my Gifgaf sim!

  51. Nicole says:

    Orange are a total nightmare!! I have been trying to resolve my complaint for 3 months and I am being completely ignored. They took £3k from my account for data roaming while on holiday despite me buying a “bundle” and now they are ignoring every method of communication! I am at my wits end!

    • Sally says:

      I too had £2,500 taken from my account in respect of a holiday bundle which they missold. I have spoken to 8 people in the Philippines and India and they all say it is being recalculated yet nobody can tell me when! The first person I spoke to to get the holiday bundle thought that America was in Europe! They employ people with no command of the English language and no idea of the geography of the world! Very frustrating and will leave them when my contract expires.

    • Gjones says:

      Talk to your bank, just claimed back £1414 today through dd reclaim. Spent about 4hrs on the phone to orange cs over 3 days, just lies and more lies, promised to call me back on several occasions but still waiting, bet they won’t be long before they ring me now

  52. Revd Graeme Hancocks says:

    Good blog.

    Orange sucks! Useless and unprofessional, crappy organisation. I ordered a Dolphin 15.50 £10.50 plan (110 mins/ ultd texts/100 mb internet) as I am not a big cell phone user and mainly text. Except it wasn’t £10.50 but £15.50. I wrote and complained – no answer. Wrote again – no answer. I had to do the dreadful call the (no) help centre thing and tried to explain situation with little success. Emailed them with all the evidence. I have just had the most unprofessional garbage text back saying that they had billed me correctly and “have a nice day!” Literally that is what they wrote! Have a nice day!

    I am sitting looking at the sheet of paper that says they have not. Taking it to Ofcom.

    People, avoid Orange……go elsewhere!

  53. Mary says:

    Just the fact that I typed in “Orange is shit” into Google to find others who share my frustration sums up my experience with Orange. After months of dealing with them I lost it. Seriously, I think they put me on the brink of a nervous breakdown. And the worst thing? Despite totally f**king up my service, I have to pay them £60 to terminate my contract. So I can’t even leave! I’ve never had worse customer service, and I say that having lived in China for a year.

  54. Efrosini Marinou says:

    £230 bill (apparently legit though 7 times my normal bill), spoke to 5 different advisers. The 2nd to last of whom told me she’d get the bill reduced to half the call charges, and call me the following day. She never did. I called Orange a few days later to find she had gone on holiday, but told that an email was sent to her asking her to call me, and that she would call me. No call. Called today, there is no note on the system whatsoever from/about this lady, no one can find who called me (strange, for a telecommunications company, who can track what handset your SIM is being used in) and now outgoing calls are barred, and I have been told no charges will be waived, and to not get my hopes up. Waiting for a call from a Manager (Steven) who apparently “if anything can be done, he’s the man to do it”. Let’s see now.

  55. Ben says:

    27mins so far waiting on the so called business support ‘345’ number, its not as if i have other things to do. I would think procuring and training carrier pigeons would be a better investment than paying my orange/EE phone bill !!. Its annoying as I have been a loyal customer, ever bought shares in orange in early days :-( , I have mug on my forehead……….. 31 mins now Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  56. Guillaume Tell the Swiss archer says:

    Another orange subsidiary that sucks highly is Orange Communications AG or Orange Communications SA. Or simply: orange.ch.
    They recently advertised a series of jobs on their website orange.ch. For each of this job they give the details of the HR manager in charge of the recruitment (funny that the HR manager has to be the first point of contact in such a big company).
    They give his mobile phone number and address email (poor guy :-).
    But there is a trick, when you try to contact him, the guy is out office, in holidays for more than 3 weeks (yes in Europe it’s feasible and usual).
    The out of office reply indicates that “your emails won’t be treated or answered”. Great and very professional !
    The second trick is that the online form to apply isn’t working except for external recruitment agencies (this is where we can see what type of trick it is). The job is probably fake .

    How to be sure that nobody will apply for a job you are legally obliged to post ?
    Answer: send your recruiter on a long holidays and make sure the online application system doesn’t work.

    So again, Orange manage to suck, not only to clients but to eventual candidates as well.

    Ps: In France (orange = france telecom) during years there was a scandal because actual Orange employees were suiciding by the dozen. Legal inquiries have been made for years due to exposure in the media of inhumane harassment practices, bullying and pushing employees to the edges. Nobody ever paid for that….

  57. Shorty says:

    Oh my giddy aunt and there I was thinking I was alone !!! Just about every comment here relates to the awful experiences I too have had with Orange …I have cancelled contracted now and am waiting for my unlock code …maybe by the sound of things here should just buy another phone !! They also told me there was no charge to end my contract so Im waiting with to see what happens there !!!

  58. slonk says:

    Upgraded over the phone , never received a contract, hence didn’t know that after using your minutes they will charge you 30p for a 2 second call ( phoned missus and soon as answer phone message kicked in i hung up ) .

    Charging me a fortune for out of minutes calls, and NEVER advised me of potential costs and charges.

    Spoke to them and basically told tough s*#t. pay up or cancel contract ( at a charge of course )

    Been with them approx 15 years but who cares I’m just a number right !

    When my contract ends so does orange , never never again.
    Caveat emptor – let the buyer beware

  59. Erwin says:

    I had my pain with Orange Espana. OMG !!!
    I first had a postpaid data-only contract, then took an extra prepaid SIM to overcome “out of data” problems, and afterwards wanted to get rid of the postpaid. It took me 3 months, 32 e-mails, 6 phone calls and after paying (out of misery) my last 3 invoices (because only then they could cancel my postpaid contract), they told me they received the money but after all could not cancel – I had to phone myself to customer service (“Para causar baja deberá llamar al 470 o +34656001470 si llama desde el extranjero.”) – all in Spanish, no word in English.
    I handed over to my lawyer. I do not care how much it is going to cost me, this is a question of principles and he has to take care of it. Never again !

  60. AreYouSerious says:

    What a joke.
    Received a text stating they’ll have to deactivate my Your Orange account if I don’t log on. The site when I finally reach it is that funny dim screen where you can see stuff but can’t click it. I refresh but no window pops up and the screen stays dim. As I write this – oh look, 10 minutes later, and a message comes up about 4G. *closes*

    Ah that’s better. Yay.

    Oh, and thanks for letting me know that my roaming information is about 3 months old. Yes, that helps me so much.

    Wait, no – oops I’ve clicked something wrong (funny that, since so many sections are restricted and I need to upgrade to access them – seriously?) *back to home screen* *is dim* Five minutes later, the same 4G window.

    God, I want to switch now. My phone is locked to Orange and I originally wanted the £7 pay monthly bundle but it seems (not mentioned on the website obviously) that this price is only available if you choose a one-year contract. Which is essentially not pay-monthly. It is essentially a contract. Jeez, Orange.

    I have also found out that I’m being billed more than I originally agreed to – instead of £7 monthly I’m being charged about £7.30. Double yay.

    But I’m locked in. Why, just why?!

  61. Fuzzy says:

    I’m glad I found this website, means I am not alone. I recently finished with Orange. Went to another provider. Still had minutes and txts left on bundles, so used it whilst number was in porting process. 2 months later they hit me with a £60 bill for PAC and usage whilst number was porting. Its in collection now so hub said pay it. I’ve called and asked to speak to an English call centre they absolutely refuse. Somebody stop these guys. They don’t understand and they start shouting. They are absolutely ignorant to t&cs aswell.

  62. Jill DP says:

    I hate Orange too. They did not do what they had agreed on the phone and now they won’t respond to phone calls or correspondence.
    Have you seen the Saturday Guardian Money section this week?
    I can’t believe they are allowed to continue trading.
    Has anyone tried reporting them to Trading Standards?

  63. Liz Thomas says:

    Orange told me they would send me a new SIM card after my old one failed. They said I’d have it by 30th May. it’s 3rd June and it hasn’t arrived.
    I went to a store on 31st May and they gave me one and told me it would take 2 hours to activate against my number.
    5 hours later I called Orange and they said it takes 24 hours.
    24 hours later I called back and they said there was a fault and it would take 24 hours to sort out. After 12 separate calls to Orange (in India) and being told several times now that it will take 24 hours I still do not have an active phone. I understand technical problems occur but the scripted responses from their call centre agents are beyond a joke. They are so stupid – one even suggested I call 450 from my Orange phone to complain….. When I suggested that getting my PAC code so I could change operators would be quicker, the ‘manager’ offered to text it to me….. presumably to the phone that they can’t reactivate. There is no hope.

  64. David says:

    Please be warned if you buy a phone that is locked to Orange/EE then expect an 8 month delay in getting it unlocked, that’s if they ever do. I am still waiting for mine as they closed my case for no reason after 6 months. Will never go with Orange /T Mobile or EE ever again.

  65. Jason says:

    I wanted to let out some frustration as well.

    I recently switched from O2 to Orange and I have regretted it ever since. The main reason for my switch was for better 3G coverage and the coverage has definitely been better, but the service from Orange is just awful.

    First thing I tried to do once my sim was active was top up my phone, sounds easy right? Well I started by calling the top up line and trying to top up via credit/debit card, just like the O2 top up line it asked me a few questions which I answered, but then unlike the O2 top up line, it suddenly asked me for my last name… My last name being ‘Furmage’, it couldn’t understand it and the top up was unsuccessful. Then when I finally topped up via a bank machine, I expected the Dolphin plan I selected to give me my 1GB internet allowance, but instead it didn’t come on and I ended up using my credit when I browsed the internet. I called them to try and get it sorted out and I got transfered to an indian call centre (again something I didn’t have to deal with on O2), and I couldn’t understand a word of what the other guy was saying. I gather than it takes longer for your top up rewards to activate on Orange. Anyway, the guy on the phone said he would try and get the £10 refunded, but to this day (1 month later), I haven’t heard a thing!

    Just a few more things to mention..

    There online account website is a joke and doesn’t work properly. I can’t take the safe lock off my internet browsing or fill in my correct address details on the account page, I get an error in both cases.

    Oh yeah and their iPhone app is a complete joke as well. It’s basically just a link to the website. Well played Orange!

  66. Sherry says:

    Orange does really suck. They do not care for customers or realise the problem they put customers through. My wife was stuck at the airport and desperately needed to top-up her Orange sim. I thought I could do it for her online but guess what “THERE TOP UP SERVICE WAS DOWN”, it still us at the time of writing this. Does Orange not realise what kind of trouble customers get into when their services are not working.

  67. Caroline says:

    I see I am not alone is hating Orange/EE.
    Last December 2012 they call me as told me i was swapping to EE I made it more than clear that paying more and starting my 24 month contract all over again was not happening. So i was pretty happy when nothing changed. Until April 2013 when they cut me off. It turns out i was ‘mistakenly’ migrated to EE however they failed to tell me this on the many many times I called. I was cut of for 7 dyas and when my service was back on it was not my number and i could only make out going calls and texts nothing else.
    I was consistanly told my service would be back on in 24hours, which was just one of many lies.
    Orange made it more than clear that they did not care that it was stopping me doing my job or that my family had to come in to my work to tell me about my grandmother had been taken ill, and has since passed away. I went into the Orange shop to try and get answers but the staff were rude and dismissive. They were all up for a chat with a pretty girl when i waslked in the shop but apparently they deal with complaints as they are not customers service, some more lies there. As if that wasn’t bad enough when i asked for a manger I was refused and they tried to force me from the shop, when i said no one of them tried to swing for me.
    I’m now in an on going dispute with the CISAS with this.

    Orange sucks

    • carsemike says:

      Hi Caroline – That’s amazing. Let us know how you get on with CISAS. It’s not something I’ve tried so keen to know how you get on.

  68. J - DOGG ORANGE HATER says:

    Just been on the phone with orange.

    Tells me he cannot help me as im not the main account holder (true, but i also have authority on the account and he agreed that was correct)

    So i ask to hear about upgrades that are available, he says he will try to pass me through to the correct person……Drop, phone goes dead, he’s cut me off. Considering they have my number did they call me back? No, did they FK.

    Not only that but they know i have a blackberry, yet they ask me security questions which i have to type in certain keys, most letters on a bb dont have numbers, hence no tone hence fail security.

    SanjKeev was the guy i spoke to, what a fking clown . ORANGE SUCK

  69. Thom says:

    I have to agree, these guys are less than useless. I am trying to get an unlock code – when I signed up the terms required 3 months custom, now it is 6 months. You would expect you could have a civilised argument over these differences and come to a conclusion. But since they do not honour their word, do not deliver promised callbacks, do never actual state anything clearly, that is quite impossible. Why can’t they run a simple issue ticket system – where you get a reference for your problem, and you can proceed working towards a solution, instead of being back to square one every time you call them? For a telecommunication company, their communication skills are abysmal, and the bureaucracy is truly Kafkaesque. Avoid at *all* cost.

  70. rodders_89 says:

    Orange are rubbish. they rung me up offering me a free Ipad for being a loyal customer for a family member, I said I’d think about it and decided not to. I didn’t answer they’re future calls asking me to confirm as I couldn’t be bothered to listen to a salesmen going on about how I should get one, but I specifically never said yes to one.

    Few weeks later a brand new Ipad mini arrives whilst Im on holiday, after I get home I see they’ve charged me 40 pound extra for the Ipad on top of my contract bill, apparently because I never said I didn’t want it (I would of if I werent travelling) that somehow counts as saying I do want it.

    Surely this is not allowed, they can’t send you something with out your consent or knowledge and then bill you for it. Got a number to ring tomorrow to try to get my money back.

    ps Also didn’t appreciate a 45 min wait on hold only to speak to the most rude arrogant spokeswoman I’ve heard.

    F you orange

  71. Sukran says:

    I HATE ORANGE. Literally hate them, I bought a iphone 5 off of ebay and the guy never told me it was LOCKED to orange. I tried calling Orange to unlock the phone but they had to speak to the original owner!! So I got in contact with the original owner who turned out to be a dick at first but got better in time, he contacted orange paid the unlocking fee and 6 months later im still waiting for a code. The account holder even gave me an email advising he is giving me the authority to chase the unlocking code on his behalf but orange wont accept this and they need to hear him say it! This is fucking ridiculous I hope orange gets bankrupted!

  72. Gaz says:

    Bought an orange sydney. Big mistake, I should have come here first. There is a free £ 10 air time offer with the phone but I can not redeem it. The website does not recognise the sim number on the box, which is the same as on the sim, so it says it can be activated by calling 450. SO, I call 450 but as I dont have ant air time and it costs 25p to get through to assistance, that was a waste of time.
    I downloaded the user manual from the manufacturer and it has far more information it than the orange booklet. It is still a rubbish phone though and it is going back

    The most unhelpful company I have ever dealt with, I a going to stick with Tesco from now on.

    • robert says:

      hate orange contacted them bout me net i have 960mb of data for net and called customer services 4 times now and same thing number isnt on system so we cant help but we will phone tomz to let u know ive been w8in 2 weeks hope they choke on there phones.

    • Tony says:

      I am having exactly the same experience. New phone impossible to redeem initial top up. Strongly recomm7end dont bother with orange. Going back to Tesco.

  73. Ex Orange Customer says:

    Orange or EE as they now call themselves don’t deserve any customers. They keep you on hold for 30 mins then don’t help you with your problem. They are rude. They push you from pillar to post. They never call you back, ever. They removed my local mobile mast cell leaving me with no service. They didn’t care. They don’t have an email address for complaints. I’ve left them now and will never ever go back to Orange/EE. DO NOT join Orange / EE you will regret it!

    • sue says:

      i can understand people frustrations when things do go right, i know that they get very busy times, and most reps are working really hard, and try to understand peoples issues, ( there are some not quite so good ) but this is life, someone should always give you their name and if you want to escalate the call providing the rep has all the facts and has tried to do all they can , then you should speak to a supervisor. terms and conditions are a night mare most of us dont understand them or just dont read them. if you get someone you feels who has addressed your issues you can ask for their extension number for any other issues you may have. you can always ask for this number in case of a complaint, or even a thank you if they have exceeded your exceptions.

  74. Ann-marie Vickers says:

    Last May I decided to go from orange pay as you go to contact. I have an iphone 4s, when the sim arrived it was a standard sim so I rang orange and they instructed me what to do and they said that they would send a micro sim. I waited patiently and my new sim arrived only to discover that it was another standard sim card so I rang orange again and for being messed about I was offered a discount on my panther 15.50 deal. I finally got my micro sim and away I went. When I changed to contract I had some credit (over £100) so that was transferred over. In December 2012 that credit was used up so I was being billed actual amounts. It also came out that I have being paying direct debits to one of the standard sim accounts that never got destroyed and my proper account was not receiving these debits so I was being billed. I have now cancelled the wrong direct debit and set up another one for my proper account. The problem is I’m waiting for my £155 credit to be transferred over to my account but my online account is partially barred because there is an outstanding bill. I am not paying that because in my opinion orange have been receiving my money so the credit should take care of it. My bill was dated today, 8 april and my account is still not fully accessible to me. I am fed up of ringing as I always get someone different, I have to explain myself over and over. I think the next stop is an official letter of complaint and then Ofcom.

  75. Sam Ashworth says:

    i was cut off by orange last september 2 months after signing my contract. I had changed addresses during this time however i was never told that it would be a problem. My first 2 bills went through no problem and then they cut me off. Can they sue me for breach of contract as thhy require 2 forms of id with addresses anf i only have 1?

    • carsemike says:

      Sorry to hear about your problems. I’m not so sure that they can sue you for breach of contract over a minor thing like a change of address. Thanks for sharing your experience with us – hope you get it sorted soon.

  76. Yasmine says:

    ORANGE SUCKS WORSER THAN FK…. @££$%%”%”£!!!!
    I can go freaking on and on about their bullshit service. Pile of shit!
    Today I called and they kept me on f****g hold and as soon as i got through an idiot indian woman asked about my problem, she had no idea about how to speak english said be right back and cuts me off. IDIOT B****.
    Called again and just asked nicely that give me a yes or no I dont care. Again they started bullshitting and cut me off honestly I swore and put the god damn phone down.
    Apologies of my language, I’d proudly cuss them .

    • carsemike says:

      Deep breath Yasmine. Thanks for your comments about Orange mobile service. Unfortunately their service appears to be getting worse rather than better.

    • Saucy says:

      I just had to call Orange because I received a bill for £28 odd on a contract I had cancelled. The amount bore no relation to my monthly bill so I was confused.

      I spoke to a guy called Kevin Barmenton. He was extremely rude and started shouting at me that I just had to pay. He was saying that I hadn’t paid bills I can show I had paid. He said “I don’t know in what language to tell you so you will understand”. I told him he was being rude and he wasn’t interested. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said his supervisor would just say the same.

      So, they send you demands for money and don’t explain it to you? I suppose most people just pay up for a quiet life.

      • carsemike says:

        Hi Saucy
        I get the impression that Orange are losing the plot. I thought they were bad when I had all the issues but from what other people are telling me, not just the ones on this website, they seem to be in meltdown. But people still keep going to them. Hope you get it sorted soon. There’s always Ofcom.

  77. carsemike says:

    Thought I’d share this with you guys. A great video from Richard Amero…


  78. Anita says:

    Whoa, just started with Orange and asked for my number to be transferred and it was very efficient. Rang them today cos I’d not heard anything about the transfer and they couldn’t seem to understand what I was saying and on the two occasions I called, they just cut me off. That is not a great intro. Went to Orange because O2 had a signal outage for 2 months and refused to admit there was a general problem in the area – then told me that their terms and conditions state that a signal may be unavailable from time to time. Since when has “from time to time” equated to two whole months? I think they’re all a bunch of rogues.

  79. Evan been there says:

    Well well people on this website certainly have a lot of time on their hands. Whilst I write this I’m sat on the toilet,it’s funny reading these comments about orange no doubt it was because none of you got what you wanted ie credits etc. yet you spit your dummy’s out and leave to join a different network for it all to start again with someone else. Or you wait in the queue to get an answer then feel its only right to have a go at the bloke only trying to do his job and help, it’s not his fault you been waiting long to get through yet you’ll have a go anyway. They should set up a new website called orangecustomersarewingingtwats.net and see how fast that baby fills up.

    • carsemike says:

      I think you’ve slightly missed the point here Evan. Which just reinforces the issues that Orange have. The reason for the website in the first place was to point out a general failure by Orange to be able to deal with a customer’s issue (mine) and for people to vent their spleen. It’s not about spitting out the dummy. It’s about getting a reasonable delivery of a service that customers have paid for. Especially when the issue was caused by Orange to start with. Should a customer really have to speak to 15 different customer service people on 16 different calls to try to get an issue resolved? Maybe you think that’s reasonable. Vodafone are doing me proud at the moment – not such issues with them so far.

      • Jim says:

        It’s not just you Mike, I’ve just spent 30 min on hold to Customer Services, listening to the repated message about how important my call was to them, then I hung up.
        Orange really are a complete waste of time and energy, the people who run the company should hang their heads in SHAME.

    • Iain says:

      Have a look at this blog. Horror stories from our ever caring orange!

    • BigDaveB says:

      I bet Evan works for Orange. I agree Orange sucks. As soon as my contract is up, they can kiss my arse.

      • carsemike says:

        Hi Dave – That’s the only way these guys are going to take notice.

      • Cheryl says:

        Even when you cancel your contract your bit rid if them! I gave my 30 days notice via telephone 4 months down the line and after moving address a receive a debt letter saying I owe them close to £200 as my phone was never cancelled!! Trying to get this resolved is proofing to be impossible! Refuse point blank to pay them the money so they can just keep billing me it’s discusting the way their “customer service” staff speak to you frustrating isn’t the word I’ve never spoke to people like it! I’ve been with Vodafone for 12 years and never had a problem with them I understand mistakes are made but when they say they will listen to uour call and then never call you back so you then have to go through the whole process again and again with more agents who just don’t care it’s mind blowing how they are getting away with it!

    • diabolical says:

      It’s not about not getting what we wanted, it’s about not getting what we’re promised and what we’ve paid for.

      If Orange promises its customers things its too incompetent to deliver on, then, yes, I am going to take the time to let people know about it. Besides, Orange have already wasted 2 hours of my Sunday having said they would call me back… and then not bothering.

      For a company to have a website dedicated to its failures, it can only help the situation for many other customers in the future.

  80. Keotench says:

    Yes orange what a bunch,ported my number out of orange last week and told them I was moving network because service was so poor got my code and ported.
    Guess what !! the very very nasty people at orange did not unlock my phone and now tell me £20.00 and 20 days to do .
    If you want a good network go to O2

  81. Kate says:

    I bought an iPhone5 from Apple and I’ve had 2 duff nano sims in a row. I’ve had the phone for about 3 weeks and I still can’t use it. Both sims had numbers that didn’t go with the sim (????) and I’ve spent hours on their so-called customer service line to no effect. They seem to drop me when the going gets too tough for them! Bloody Indians. I’ve emailed Olaf so we’ll see what happens. When I feel better (flu at the mo) I’m going on a visit to my local O2 shop!

    • carsemike says:

      Hi Kate – Ideally, going to another supplier should be the best way to get the message across. Unfortunately, no one company is head and shoulders above the rest so all that’s happening is customers are rotating round all the suppliers. Maybe one of these companies will eventually twig how to capture the market. Mike

  82. Paul Grestock says:

    Having been hounded by the minions at Orange in the run up to the expiry of my existing contract, I eventually decided on a renewal with Orange for a further 24 months having had little or no turbulence so far. Given that I currently use a Blackberry Torch 9800 and I am switching to an iPhone 5, I was a tad apprehensive as they are considerably different platforms in several respects. Anyhow, notwithstanding this, I agreed to an upgrade. This was on Oct 6 2012. Initially I was told that although it was company policy to inform customers of a wait of up to 30 days, in all probability the phone would be delivered on Oct 9 2012, and certainly no longer than a fortnight (14 days) from date of ordering, as ‘no customer had yet to wait longer than a fortnight’. This all seemed acceptable, given the unprecedented demand for Apple’s new smartphone.

    What happened subsequently however beggars belief. Orange proceeded to UNILATERALLY cut off my old (Blackberrry) service and transfer me to the new Apple iPhone contract, knowing I HAD NOT YET RECEIVED MY NEW IPHONE, the consequences of which were several missed emails and messages resulting in my missing a few incredibly important appointments. I then had to call Orange (2 yr wait to get through as usual) in order to highlight their stupidity and force them to revert back to the original (Blackberry) contract. I was assured at the time that a member of staff would call regularly to check if I had received my new iPhone. Has anyone called yet? I’ll let you answer that one. have I received my iPhone yet? I’ll let you tackle that one too. There’s a well known phrase that says ‘You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem”…Well, Orange have proved to be yet another soul-less conglomerate without the necessary culture of concern for the very people that guarantee it’s existence…IT’S CUSTOMERS!!!!!!! I spent 30 mins earlier today talking to yet another member of staff who had been drilled to regurgitate the standard company line but was sadly deficient the moment I went off script. The bottom line is that unless Orange employs individuals with the vision to change the way customers are treated, my experience is just the tip of a very large iceberg. I truly feel for all the bloggers that have had to endure endless hours of mindless rhetoric from the thousands of faceless customer service robots, all of whom have had their fill of the companies Kool-aid. Having spent the last 10 years in Singapore as a senior oil trader where there is a real emphasis on customer service, the gulf couldn’t be more stark.

    The very existence of this site speaks volumes, though Orange wouldn’t dare try to address our concerns (Oh yes, that’s us THE CUSTOMERS). Let’s see how far such arrogance will get them in the long run. It’s taken them but a few days to turn a 24month relationship totally SOUR

    • carsemike says:

      Hi Paul – It’s time we had some of that Singapore customer focus over here. Thanks for stopping by. Mike

    • Alicia says:

      I have had exactly the same issue with Orange!! Changed my handset and tarrif but was billed for two tariffs for two months for one phone. They told me that both bills would be aligned then on month 3 I got a debt collection agency letter. On top of that…6 months down the line my old number (which I’ve had since mobile phones were invented) STILL hasn’t ported across.

  83. Jay says:

    I randomly found this site whilst browsing and can understand everyone’s frustration, I work in a call centre but find myself often struggling to keep calm with those who just don’t care on the phone! I know from personal experience there are few advisors who will go the extra mile for a customer, and I also know after speaking to 10 or so people it gets even harder to hold you temper for those who could help. I have contacted orange once before to complain about an unexpected charge to my phone bill, the advisor was helpful and got the charges removed, he even notices a few 0800 numbers I’ve had to call and advised of an app for the iPhone that prevents these, a quick simple tip that he didn’t have to give but went that bit further to help. I guess what I’m trying to say is there are people that generally help but losing it with people who get you anywhere! Only a message on your account by an unhelpful advisor which gives the next advisor you speak to a snap judgement of your previous rant.

    • carsemike says:

      Thanks for taking time out Jay to give us your thoughts. I agree, there are some good call centre people out there and when I come across them I always make a point of them letting them know and emailing their company to let their manager know how they’ve helped. And I know how fickle the general public can be when they don’t think they’re getting the service they deserve. Unfortunately, the vast majority of my experiences with call centres are poor, due to; insufficient staff training, poor scripts, staff shortages, poorly tested automated answering services, to name but a few. Until Call Centres start to resolve these sorts of issues there’s always going to be disgruntled customers.

  84. G says:

    Glad to see I’m not alone in being fed up with Orange’s sucky service.

    Hope it’s okay to paste my rant which I emailed to them a few days ago (because I couldn’t get through to their PAYG customer services) and guess what? It BOUNCED BACK saying “we are in the process of improving our e-mail service, and cannot deal with your e-mail enquiry at this time.” Pathetic.

    Here it is:

    I am writing to express my utter disappointment at Orange and the customer service I have received.

    Roughly a month ago, I transferred my number over from 3 thinking Orange would be a good pay as you go network. I was wrong. From the moment I switched over, I have had nothing but problems. My calls keep getting disconnected, the signal is disgraceful and it is difficult to get through a phone call without the line cracking up.
    That’s not all. Every time I try to top-up by calling 450, the automated voice tells me there is a problem and that I will be transferred to a customer service advisor – and then within a second, she tells me I can’t get through to customer services because I have no credit (obviously, which is why I am trying to top up!) and customer services cost 25p. Why customer service is not free is a complete bewilderment to me. But even more bewildering is the fact that Orange then leave me stranded with no way to top-up or get help. So I go online and try to access my account hoping I can top-up online – but then, for some bizarre reason, it tells me my account is barred. I try the one-off top-up option on the website and it tells me my number is not valid. So in the end I have to go and buy a top-up voucher and that’s the only thing that works.

    Moving onwards…..
    I then topped up £10 and I registered Magic Numbers. I didn’t apply any animal tariffs as I just wanted to make calls. Within the space of a day, all my credit was GONE. I had spoken for only a few hours, each call being under an hour – but the 25p/hour claim of Magic Numbers did not seem to exist for me. I rang up customer services, and amusingly for me, the advisor tried to convince ME that I was wrong and that I wasn’t being charged more than I should have been. Eventually she realised that she was wrong, and I was being overcharged – and she added that I was also being charged for internet DESPITE never having opted for this option, ever. She then apologised, and rather nicely offered me free £10 credit “within the next 10 days” as a courtesy offer for the hassle and as a welcome to Orange. I made that call on Monday 10th Sep and it is now the 28th. I still don’t have my free credit, the Orange signal is still rubbish as ever and I still cannot top-up except by voucher. Aside from everything else, I am most annoyed by the fact that not only has Orange been an absolute disaster in terms of network and mobile service, but also that their customer service advisors lie to customers. This is not acceptable, and this is not a policy I can accept. I have recently been looking to buy a contract for my new business and I can say with full certainty that it will NOT be with Orange.

    My number is *******. Please can I request my PAC code so I can transfer to another network as soon as possible.

    Thank you


    • carsemike says:

      Hi G

      Rant as much as you want. That’s the reason for the website. Fortunately or unfortunately (which ever way you want to look at it) you are not alone. Welcome to the modern age of how companies do business. Profits before customer satisfaction.

  85. MD says:

    Thank goodness this site exists.

    I was beginning to think I was going crazy! I am a Canadian student here studying law and I went with Orange because they were the only company to give me a contract with very little credit history. HUGE mistake. I have signed up for mobile service, mobile broadband, and regular broadband with them (out of a concept of fidelity or just the convenience of using one company) and EVERY step of the way for EACH product has been a huge hassle. Some issues have gotten to the point of ridiculousness, for example, they sold me a dongle which didn’t work and made me trek to and from the store with my laptop three times, over three days, in the rain, before giving me a refund (but not a full refund – I couldn’t get back my 10pound top-up!).

    Everything here sounds familiar – rude customer service, having to call multiple times, being told my service would be up in ’24 hours’ six times, false promises, no calls back.

    Are all mobile companies in the UK this difficult?

    There have been so many instances of this company taking my money and not providing any service. I am so sick of it. Why do they not care about their customers? Even back in Canada (which one would assume is years behind in communications access) customer service would rather make their customers happy, than haggle over 20 pounds.

    • carsemike says:

      Hi MD

      Unfortunately, this does appear to be the norm. Not just of telecoms. Companies in general seem to work on the 99% rule. 99% of their customers are happy because they are getting the service they paid for and don’t have to deal with the company. The other 1% that are having issues cost the companies time and money to deal with. Time and money they don’t want the hassle of.

  86. D. Hall says:

    Super website. If it does nothing to influence top management, at least it provides a catharsis for folks like use who only want simple clear reliable service,instead getting nothing but setbacks and frustrations.

    I am an American but live in France where the service hear is worse than anyone could imagine. Not just for me as a bad french speaker, but my wife who is native french. After two months of promises, lies, errors, and no internet home servicend, I am quitting. Going with Free!

    • carsemike says:

      Hi D. I totally agree. There’s nothing more cathartic than being able to get it all done on paper, or indeed a website. Good to see others are getting the same from this.


  87. Pmax says:

    If you are having problems with orange then write to their CEO.

    He probably won’t do anything either but at least you can express your frustration with orange directly.

    Orange are shit. Sold me a aim that doesn’t work but refuse to give a refund. I’m thinking of taking civil action against them.

    You can also send in a subject access data request to orange. They then have to provide you with all data they hold about you. This costs you a couple of quid and orange several thousands. Look it up. Really painful to deal with and very annoying. Rather like their service.

    • carsemike says:

      Thanks Pmax – some good advice. Thanks for the email. If enough people use it to explain their issues then he might get the hint and do something about it…but then again maybe not.

  88. Ll says:

    Comments removed goes to show don’t it exactly what I wrote word removed!! You have to be right or you ain’t happy! Miserable word removed wingy customers! U not think we don’t have the same rants about the orange customers who want the world on a word removed plate for nothing?? I’m going to open a website called orange customers are word removed

    • carsemike says:

      Hi. Sorry about the delay in moderating this comment, I don’t check the site everyday and I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks.

  89. derek says:

    I am a Canadian. I visited the UK and absolutely loved it. The only downside was that I purchased an orange simcard for my stay. The 3g internet in.one word was appaling
    … and the thing ate my 30 pounds despite then promising 500 free texts and 500 megs of data. Only after calling.and arguing.with several retards was I able to even use my phone. What the ? How.is this company.in business???

    • ll says:

      word removed?? i think you need to learn how to use simple grammar before you take to this site to slag off call centre staff ah?

  90. hannah says:

    arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i hate you orange.

    i really want to see their company crumble. i have just had one of the most frustrating evenings in my life. thanks orange. i hope u rot

  91. John smith says:

    Great blog :) in terms of oranges customer service, it’s is absolutely diabolical! I got promised a call back from a rep in the next 30 mins and nothing happened. Can’t call back due to having no credit because of oranges fault! I’ve decided to move to another network which is a lot better than bloody orange! Even then I have to pay £20 to orange I have been a loyal pay and go customer for several years but no more. Thank you orange

    • carsemike says:

      Thanks John. What amazes me is that these issues are still going on. Orange just does not have a clue when it comes to customer service. You just know that these call centre people are desperate to get you off the phone so that they can say that their call statistics are great. Hence, they’ll tell you anything!

  92. Fred Mills says:

    They took £50 from me to top up my PAYG account. Then decided they would put a block on my account.

    They have my oney but I cant use the phone. I cannot speak directly to a human because their ‘Help Line’ hangs up on me. The best bit is I cannot apply to get my money back until (and unless) the deign to unblock my account. How can they take my money and then just refuse to supply the service? I buy a book with my card on Amazon and they take my oney and mail the book, what is the problem here. I have had to send proof of my identity to them – why? They have my money, the payment went through, why am I the bad guy? They have also, t date, told me three direct lies.

    I was with Orange on contract for more than 15 years but now I have them, I’m going to call the ombudsman because they should not be allowed to take my money and then not provide the service, it is stealing and it is fraud.

    I hate Orange right now.

  93. drewdann says:

    Power to you. The their webiste isn’t much better – sick of logging in and now seeing my details. When the site is up anyway. It really doesn’t fill me with confidence that comunications company can’t build a website…

  94. JE says:

    I had the same problem and started insisting on speaking to the supervisor. In my case they were “nice” to me, but didn’t help at all. After speaking to about 3 supervisors in 3 days, I finally got one who did something. I suggested to him he should listen to the recordings of the mis-information I was given by the staff, that caused me the problem.

    • carsemike says:

      Thanks for reading the blog and posting Je. I asked several times to speak to a supervisor but I was always told that I “wasn’t allowed” to speak to one. They treated me like a naughty school boy. Anyhow, they lost me business for now and ever more. What got me was that it wasn’t just one member of the Orange Call Centre that failed but everyone of the 15 I spoke to. That convinced me that the issue was with the company and its procedures, and not the individual call centre people.

  95. mariaaxx says:

    I was pissed at orange and I typed orange sucks and this website came up. I am so frustrated with orange, they are like the worst network ever and their callcentre is full of people that cannot even speak english (had to keep it clean)l et stand handle your queries.

    • carsemike says:

      Glad I’m not alone on this one. Seems to be a very common problem with Orange and all the big mobile/cell phone companies.

  96. John Tester says:

    Some great detail on the blog – had me laughing.

  97. Great blog. I know exactly what you mean. Having the same issue with my provider at the moment.

  98. James Taylor says:

    I agree, why don’t these companies get it. Stop treating your customers like dirt and listen to them instead of automatically thinking they’re wrong.

  99. PhonesAway says:

    Great blog. I’ve had all kinds of issues with my Orange mobile and broadband account in the past. Good to see that I’m not alone. Keep blogging.

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